When possible, a withdraw will result in a credit on account that can be used towards future registrations or private lessons. The current detailed program cancellation policy can be accessed here at Elite Program Cancellation Policy


Class sizes vary dependent on the program, however, each class offers the appropriate ratio of skaters to coaches to ensure each skater receives the best developmental support available. Sometimes classes may need to be combined due to low enrollment. Every effort will be made to add additional assistance to these classes to ensure that all skills are introduced.


Make-up classes are not guaranteed and are determined entirely at the discretion of the coaches based on availability of classes and other factors.


Skate rentals are available through the Hockey Outlet located off of the lobby in the Langley Sportsplex. Please note, the Hockey Outlet is a separate business with no direct affiliation to Elite Skating & Hockey Development. Skate rentals come in Youth sizes 6-12. Our equipment availability is limited. We encourage you to purchase equipment for the benefit and safety of your child.


For Learn to Skate: please make sure that your child is dressed warmly, with long pants, a coat and gloves. Make sure that clothing is not too restrictive and that your child is able to move around with relative ease according to their skating level. Knee pads are recommended, but please put them underneath the pants as they are usually made of plastic and are very slippery on the ice. Nylon gloves are recommended over anything that is wool like because wool adheres to the ice. Hockey gloves are not recommended from levels Preliminary to level 2.

Full Hockey gear is required for Edge, Power & Stride classes, Specialized Hockey Development classes and Tykes Hockey Classes.


Helmets are mandatory for all programs. Every skater must wear a CSA approved Hockey helmet with a full-face mask. Exceptions may be made for our Junior/Professional players who are not required to wear face masks in regular season play, however, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Helmets should fit snug on the head, with the chin strap touching the chin. If your child’s helmet is too big it will not have the correct safety effect. Please see safety section of our website for picture diagram.


It is highly recommended that your child have their own skates as they usually fit much better than rental skates. If you are purchasing skates for your child we recommend you use a sports store where they will be professionally fit to your child’s feet . Skates must fit properly or there could be repercussions later with your child’s feet. Cyclone Taylor Sports is recommended
for all of your hockey needs. They are located at #110-5620 152nd Street, Surrey (Phone #604-575-8801). Or The Leading Edge is recommended for all of your Figure skating needs. They are located at #101-15685 Fraser Hwy, Surrey (Phone#604-598-0288).


Full hockey gear is required for this program. If you require a list please contact us for the proper protocol.


One-on-one elite training is helpful to assist your skater in perfecting a particularly hard skill or advance at a quicker pace. Private lessons may be conducted on group lesson ice and are based on Instructor availability. Upcoming private lessons availability can be viewed and requested here.

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